Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scale Gods

Well, the scale Gods did not smile upon me this morning as I was up 1lb.  I know it is water, but still.  I hate seeing any increase regardless of the reason.  Anyway, Easter is approaching and I don't see this as being a big temptation for me.  I am enjoying reading the posts of others and frankly, some of them are very moving.  I  have a friend I am worried about.  She is on the program too.  In fact, is a coach.  She seems to be losing steam and sliding back.  I worry that she doesn't think she is worthy of being thin.  She has become OK with where she is because she is 35 lbs thinner.  We started this program together and she and I had the same amount of weight to lose.  I am down 54 and she is only 35.  I don't know how to help her without pissing her off or alienating her either.  I care and don't know how to help!  Any ideas out there?

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