Friday, April 23, 2010

Holding Steady?

Today's weigh in is 210 exactly.  Up a lb from last week and this after walking each day and aiming for those 10000 steps.  Yep, disappointed and frustrated.  I guess my body is just holding on to the weight and for the first time in 6 mo I started to doubt myself about the possibilities.  I will keep trudging along and hope for the best, but ouch.


  1. I feel your frustration, I am dealing with the same thing right now. I have been struggling with 208 for the past 11 weeks. I will do really good and lose and then the next week I am right back up to 208. I Hate 208! I left Weight Watchers last night got in my car and just screamed.. "I hate 208" Today I am tryin to follow the plan to a T and tomorrow plan on going to the gym for a big workout. It is hard not to give up, I told myself, if I give up I will be right back where I started +. And by the way..Never, Never, Never give up! You can do it!!!

  2. We have all been there or will be there some time in our journey. Just remember you didn't put it on over night and you can't take it off over night either. You will have these bumps on the way but you only have control over YOU not the scales so chin up... This too will pass:)