Saturday, April 3, 2010

Body Bugg

So, I made a decision today.  I bought a Body Bugg.  It comes in two days because I paid for the extra shipping.  You may wonder what the hurry is, but I need to keep momentum.  Last night, I indulged at a local Eugene restaurant, Ambrosia.  I ordered the halibut hoping for a more healthy choice.  I passed on the bread and oil.  It was served with a lovely garlic and lemon sauce with orzo.  I have to say that I ate it all.  It wasn't a huge serving, but still.  I am working on making a night out for lean and green to only eat a half portion.  I failed.  Also, had the caesar salad which was overloaded with parmesan and dressing.  To top that off, the Easter basket my friend Tom gave me was calling my name.  I ate the Reses bunny and candy corn and a few Jelly Beans.  OK!  I am done with Easter basket.  Anyway, back to the Body Bugg.  I am going to really focus this month.  Anyone else use this gadget?

1 comment:

  1. I can't afford one but I WISH I could!!! so glad you signed up for the challenge....this is going to be FUN!!!! :)