Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

I have no idea what I weigh today.  It bothers me when I don't.  I almost feel lost.  I feel out of sorts without it.  Yesterday was an ok eating day.  Not 100% on plan, but didn't go too overboard either.  Still, I feel restless.  I have to wait until tomorrow to see how the scale God will shine upon me.  Today the plan is to be OP.   What strikes me funny today is that for 2 years I never weighed myself and the result was huge.  I was huge.  I didn't focus and I just accepted that I was huge.  It really wasn't until an old grade school friend made a comment on facebook that I stopped and allowed myself to consider my hugeness.  She said how I look just like my mother when we were kids.  Really?  Yep, I did.  That stopped me cold in my tracks.  It isn't that my mother was so bad or so unattractive.  It was her size.  The very thing I vowed never to get to.  And there it was, plain as day.  I looked like my mother.

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