Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday, I read about SkinnyHollie and her decision to quit dieting.  It really intrigues me about that concept.  I think that there is great truth to the idea that diets suck.  They don't work in the long run and I can do anything for awhile.  I guess that is where the idea of willpower comes in.  Problem is, once the diet is done? (really, is it ever done?) the weight comes back on.  But I think there is a distinct problem with the very idea of being done.  Are we really done?  or do we need to constantly monitor and make choices for our bodies to run on the best fuel available.  I think that is what Hollie is trying to get to and I do applaud her for that.  I responded to her blog that what strikes my is that perhaps there will be that lack of accountability that comes with a diet or a plan.  I know for myself that the problem I encountered with gaining the weight back before was a lack of accountability.  I didn't weigh myself for two years.  I just could not deal with the failure that I knew the scale would not lie about.  Truth is, I just hurt myself anyway.  I gained back all the weight I fought so hard to lose.  All the very times I chose to eat fuel and not make food the prize, just went to hell when I lost my accountability.  Yesterday, a friend in the office said she saw my other Medifast buddy going through the drive through at TacoBell.  Wow, her words were hard to hear.  It was like a junky was seen getting a fix after being in rehab.  Many people might think that was a horrible thing to say to my friend, but you know, it wasn't.  It was accountability staring at her hard and cold.  She said she was just getting a diet coke and I hope that was really the truth, I don't have a reason not to believe her.  I do know that those drive throughs are a source of temptation.  But then, hey, isn't everything.  I do think Hollie is on to something and I REALLY want to see her succeed at whatever path she chooses.  I hope that I can be a source of support to all of us on this road.  I will seek to do that in an honest and truthful manner and I welcome honest and truthful feedback from all of you.


  1. Great job on the weigh-in girl!!!! We're halfway there....have a super fantastic weekend! :)

  2. I just started reading your blog and I love this post. I think that a diet is a good thing, like you said it keeps you accountable and, for me, it helps me to not over think my food decisions I just know what I can/can't eat. I plan on eating the way I am eating for the rest of my life with the small difference of letting myself have a "free" day once a month. If I tell myself I can never have chocolate again I might just give up now. Anyway, long comment, but thanks for your post :)