Thursday, April 29, 2010


Isn't everything really about our perspective?   I read in Jennifers blog today that she is only down to 176.  She was slightly disappointed because she had hoped for more.  I get that, really I do.  For me, 176 is a dream come true.  I know she gets that and doesn't wish anyone for anything different.  What I am saying though, is when are we satisfied with our progress?  I hear almost daily how good I look and my repsonse is often, thanks, but I have so far to go.  And, I do have 48 lbs left to lose.  60 have been lost and it is great, but not enough.  I have a goal weight of 160 and I just can't wait to get there.  I dream about it everynight before I go to bed.  I try and visualize the success.  I do want to keep my focus and keep my eye on the prize.  Good health and a normal BMI are my focus.  I am more comfortable in my thinner skin, but can not allow complacency to creep its ugly head into this goal.  I don't know what Jennifers goal is and I hope she is almost there.  But, I do know she is on the right path for health.

On another note, I do have reason to celebrate.  I fit into a pair of size 14 dockers that I bought at Costco about 6 weeks ago.  I hoped that they fit then, but they I could not even button them.  Today, I slipped into them like butter.  That is success, isn't it?


  1. yes that is SUCCESS for sure. I weighed in this morning and did not lose or gain. I stayed the same:( I wanted to lose just 1 pound was that too much to ask! I eat healthy and because of my current injury to my foot I could not exercise this week so I was worried I would not lose like I had been. I am having a depressed moment right now but it will soon pass I hope...

  2. Here's a little perspective for you (and I mean this in a good way, with no other meaning). I need to lose a whole one of what you (160) want to be. My goal is to lose 170. But, I can't keep eyeing that mark. I have to look at the "now" and work on that. Small goals are what keep me going. I look for a few pounds here and there and be happy with it and stay positive.
    Stay Happy!!!