Thursday, May 6, 2010


We all make them.  We decide who people are and what they think just by looking.  How about fat people?  What are they about?  Are they all lazy, out of control people?   I don't think it can be answered that simply.  I don't have the answer why so many people are so fat, but when I look around, I see fat people.  They are everywhere.  I know the pain they feel when people make judgements about who they are.  They may not say it, but the look of disgust is there.  Shaking of heads, or a brazen comment can send someone reeling.  I have compassion for how hard losing weight is.  I have compassion for how people get fat and can't see that they can get out of it.  It is a long road.  It takes work.  Everyday, it is among the choices.  Will I have salad or fries?  How about baked potato or broccoli?  Will I have the fried fish or the baked cod?  How about pancakes?  How about it?  I caught myself feeling superior today because I no longer look fat and I have lost 64 lbs.  I am still heavy, and have 46 more to lose to reach a healthy BMI.  I checked myself after the thought because this isn't easy.  It's hard and it sucks to be fat.  It sucks to be fat and to be judged for it. I am not cured.  I am thinner, but I am not above gaining the weight back.  I have done that before.  It sucks even more the second time.   I won't judge someone by their size again.  I have walked in their shoes.


  1. When I go into a restaurant and ask for a table and they take us to a booth, I get frustrated because of the asumption that I can sit there. It makes matters horribly worse when I have to explain that I want a table and tell the reason why. It is embarrassing and humiliating.
    As you, I see fat people and sometimes wonder what caused it and if they are trying as hard as I am to lose it. What's their story? I know that I have lost many opportunities because of my weight. I know there were jobs that I would have been offered had I not been this size.
    It's a horrible world that we live in where we are judged by our size. I am quite intelligent and wonder how much of that gets lost when they won't and can't get past the fat.