Friday, May 14, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now 202.4

I had a funny thing happen to me this morning.  I looked into the mirror and was surprised at what I saw.  I saw a former me.  A younger me.  A prettier me than I have in years.  My skin is clear, my eyes vibrant, my jawbone is there.  I can see it.  I haven't seen me for a long time and I welcomed her back.  I was moved by who I saw and I said to myself, this is good.  You look good.  Welcome back.  I got tears in my eyes.  I thought you deserve this.  You really do.  It is ok to be happy about this.  I wanted to give permission to feel good about me and I did.
What I don't understand is why others can't see what a struggle this is for me.  This is my life and if I don't become healthy, I could die.  I don't want to go out for a drink right now.  I don't want to sabotage this new girl I see.  Drinks are not necessary at this moment.  Health is necessary.  Every pound I lose gets me closer to that goal.  Drinking and eating what I want doesn't. 


  1. How exciting. I got goose bumps reading this. WAY TO GO!

  2. Yaay for you! Not sure if you remember from my blog but I had this same realization one day when I was passing the mirror. Welcome back! You are back in control!
    And others dont understand. You are totally right. To "most" people a drink is a drink and dinner is dinner. But not on Medifast. I just want to say good job at staying strong. And very soon you will be in ONEderland with your weight! And THAT is a great feeling. Take pride in yourself for getting you this far. YOU did this :) No one else can take credit :)