Tuesday, May 18, 2010

201.6 Another Low and Another Come Clean Time

Well, here is another new low that I am so glad to see.  But, I have yet, another confession.  The past two weeks I have only been eating 600-700 calories a day.  You know what?  It didn't work.  I didn't lose like I wanted.  My body just would not budge.  I worked out.  I cut those calories and deviated from the program.  I am so compulsive that I thought I could cut even more and drop weight faster.  You see, I have all the components of an eating disorder.  I could easily stop eating entirely.  But I don't and I won't.  I had another a ha moment when the scale would not budge.  My best buddy also called me on my shit.  She saw it and called it.  And, she was right.  I have since gone back to 900-1000 calories a day.  And down the scale goes.  Hmmm.  Don't try this at home folks.  It won't work.  You have to fuel your body to lose weight.  The proof is in the pudding.  Sometimes, I just wonder about me.


  1. Way to come clean! Woohoo for a new low :)

  2. good for you..

  3. When your body doesn't get enough calorie intake, it thinks you are in starvation mode and starts holding on to the fat as a source of energy and food. I also learned that the hard way. I told you we were sister separated at birth.

  4. Hi there. I know exactly what you are saying. Make sure you eat all your meals to get the energy you need. I was in starvation mode and the same exact thing happened. I did not skip meals but I was exercising (not even a lot) but the scale slowed way down. I limited the exercise and whalah, the scale dropped 3-4 lbs. My problem is this...I WANT to exercise. I really do. I am in quite a predicament especially now that I joined a gym to get the awesome deal for three months. I got on the scale on monday (my weigh day is thursday) and it said only .5 down. and that was without exercising. So i exercised a few times this week and cant wait to see what the scale shows tomorrow.

    Wow, you are quickly approaching ONEderland and you are going to love how that feels! Congrats on being honest.