Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Biggest Loser was awesome last night.  I was sad to see Sunshine leave without being in the final four.  What was really inspirational, though, was the retrospective on each of the five final players.  Each one was recorded when they first came on the show.  They were asked to tell the thin person they would become why they needed to keep going and what it feels like to be so fat.  It was awesome.  Each one of them was moved to tears by the progress they had made.  Most had lost over a hundred pounds in 17 weeks.  They did this with all day exercise and frigging hard work.  The point is that they were reminded where they came from and the need to move forward and not backslide.  The show also had two former winners.  One kept her weight off and the male put all his back on.  Wow.  The courage it must have taken to come on the show and allow everyone to see his struggle with putting weight back on.  I admire that man.  Not for gaining weight, but for courage.  He is in the process of relosing this weight.  He is over 300 lbs.  Daunting.  I can't imagine what he struggles with.  The point of the whole show was that they all need to stay focused.  The advice was to not give yourself a pass when the weight begins to creep back on.  Wow.  I can relate to that having done what he did.  But, so what.  That is the past.  Right?  Truth is, we all worry about it.  The final four should be interesting to watch.  I am not for Koli.  He was too full of himself and cocky.  I want Ashley to win or Michael.  They still have concern for their fellow contestants.  That kind of attitude works for me.  Isn't that why we all comment on each other's blogs?  We all care about these struggles and really want each other to succeed.  I know that is why I am here.  I appreciate all of you and the common support we offer.  Thanks, gals and guys.  I can't do it without you!


  1. It really is an inspirational show. I too really enjoyed the progress part of the show, and it sure did give some "food" for thought.

    I recently started on my own weight loss journey, and I am doing so by using the Biggest Loser dvd vol. 1. So far it is working, and I really do like the fact that it is "regular" people like me, who are doing the exercises, because I have seen them struggle, and I have seen them see results. just got yourself another follower:)

    The Fit & Frugal Challenge

  2. You hit the nail right on the head. The show was awesome. I cried right along with them. I am struggling with NOT GIVING UP at this moment. My health issues are kicking my butt and I am getting worn down. I miss my Last chance workouts after the show but I hope to get back into it once I heal. Thanks for your blog!

  3. I watched BL last night too! I thought it was awesome. I just love that show. I wish Koli wasnt as arrogant. I think he turned a lot of people away from him because of it. I woulld like to see Ashley or Michael win as well. although I also think Daris is sweet and very deserving. A quiet guy and he reminds me of my husband. Just takes it all in.
    I thought it was great too that Eric came to the show after gaining the weight back. I hate to even go to the grocery store in my hometown for fear of seeing someone I know and being judged for my gain. Although now I am not nearly as large but my mentality is still there for now. But he came out on public television and showed what he did to himself. There was a special about him several months back about how he had gained the weight back. He actually looked better last night then he did back then. I give him so much credit for doing it!!!
    And yes, this is why we are help each other stay on track and succeed. The support is amazing!


  4. The Biggest Loser was great :)

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  5. I don't watch that show.. I should but I am limited with exercise... I do buy the short magazines in the store though..

    wishing you well


  6. AWWW man everyone is talking about Biggest Looser I so should be watching! NEXT season I am so watching!