Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lat night I dreamt about being alone.  All alone.  My closest friend was choosing to move away.  Where would I be?  Alone.  The biggest loser week 14 is down to the final 8.  Ashley feels alone without Drea as she went home last week.  Ashley feels she just can't do this alone.  But, she can.  In fact, she may be stronger than she thinks.  I wonder though, am I as strong as I need to be?  Can I stand on my own and do the work that remains to be done?  Yes, the hard work is done alone.  It is those choices we make all day and everyday.  Will I choose to eat this, drink that.  The moment by moment choices are, at times, excruciating.  But, I can, we can, do this.  Because we really are not alone.  We have each other as support.  That is why we blog, isn't it?  We are in this together.


  1. You are for sure not alone. We are here for you whenever you need us.

  2. I read ALL your blogs you are NOT alone...How do I get those check boxes at the bottom of my post before the comment section like you have?