Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning

I am sipping my coffee and reading posts from other women trying to be winners at the losing game.  I say trying, because it is trying.  Last week for me was especially trying.  I slipped back into my old ways.  Stayed on plan during the day, but by evening, drinking wine with my friends.  You see, this is what we do to cope with the work day.  It makes all the difference by night.  By day, not so much.  I feel like shit when I do this and it doesn't seem to matter if I drink one or 3 glasses.   Why do I continue when I want to lose weight?  Don't we all struggle with that?  Lyn Escapes wrote an excellent blog this week about asking herself why she wants to be fat.  Her answers were much the same as mine.  Protection, fear, not feeling worthy of thin etc.  I could go on and on.  We all know the answer in some fashion.  The real question for me is, "when will I allow myself to have the health I need and deserve?"  This week I have vowed to stop this harmful wine drinking and commit myself again to the program.  Medifast has been the answer for me. It is easy and it is fast.  53 pounds in 5 months is wonderful, but I am not done.  I have about 50 more to go.  I can't settle for good or for good enough.  Or can I?

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