Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where I Am

I have not posted for quite a while.  I really have not had anything to say that I thought would add to anyone in the way of support or at the very least witty.  Lyn at Escape From Obesity really did escape today.  Her BMI is normal.  Gosh, I am so happy for her and really for all of us.  We are in this together.  We are not competing with each other, but rather, cheering each other on.  Her hard work has paid off.  She wasn't perfect in her victory, far from it.  But she persisted.  I admire her.

Now, an update on me.  I still weigh in at approx 200lbs.  Prior to vacation in June, I had reached 197.5 or so.  When I returned 3 weeks later, I was up to 205.  I have really been maintaining for about 5 months.  It hasn't been easy.  I am really careful with what I eat.  I am not as careful with drinking wine and gin and tonic and that is what has made the weight stay where it is.  I know that is the reason.  I am ok with this as I have really enjoyed my summer.  I have had many opportunities to make really poor choices, but didn't (other than alcohol).  So, all in all, I am proud of me.  I still need to lose 40 lbs.  I am comfortable with my body at this moment, but there is work to be done.  I know this.  Not sure when I will belly up to the weight loss, but I feel certain I will.  I am happy I lost 70lbs. so no shame here.  I have a couple of events coming up.  My sister is getting married and an end of summer party.  Can't say after that.  I would like to think I will lose this by Christmas.  We will see.  Stay tuned.  I think I will go back to posting.  I miss it and hearing from Y'all.


  1. Hey, it's good to read you again! I've been wondering where you took off to. I'm glad you are not giving up. It may take a while, but it will happen.

    I hope you post frequently now and we can all cheer you on!!!

  2. Well I have missed you. And I am proud you made smart choices. Enjoy the rest of your summer cause the holiday season is in the air. And you know what that means... food and parties!

  3. So glad to hear from you! Missed you!