Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling Fat

Ever have that feeling after eating something not on your plan?  It is the feeling that you are still just plain old fat although you have lost weight.  In fact, after 70 lbs of lost weight, I can still go there.  I know it isn't right, but the feeling is there just the same.  Problem with these feeling is that they can be so destructive.  It can be the slippery slope that got us where we started.  I had that feeling today when I woke up.   I went out for dinner last night and the food was fairly heavily salted.  My fingers felt swollen this morning and I feel just plain lazy.  I had a choice to make right off the bat.  My son made homemade brownies and there were calling my name.  But I didn't make that choice.  Nope.  I just kept on and got my water from the fridge.  I will make the choice today to eat on plan and healthy.  I KNOW it is the choice we all must make daily and one slip won't be the downfall of my life.  Back on and back at it!  How about you?  What choice s will you make today?


  1. HI There! Just found your blog and I relate to this post... all about choices and making that decision... moderation. I am a fellow Medifaster as well!! Woo Hoo. The hubs and I have lost 90+ lbs each and love it... still going in fact! Best of luck on your journey!!!


  2. Also just found your blog! A weight loss journey is totally all about choice, the whole journey from start to end. I wonder how many choices relating to our journey we actually have to make before we reach the end? 1000? 5000? How many times do we actually have to actively make the right decision before we get to where we want to be I wonder. You seem to have concured the most important part though, which is acknowledging when you choose the less ideal option (in this case a heavily salted meal), that the decision was you're own and that you can now choose to get back on track - So many dieters, myself included in the past, are unable to take ownership over their choice and begin a rocky road back downwards, piling up the bad decisions thick and fast that they'll later have to undo - Not you though clearly, which is great to see! Looking forward to following your posts :-)

  3. Yep, I can relate. Any dieter probably can...especially ones that retain water :-)

    Today, I choose me.

    Love the name of your blog, btw.

  4. Yes, it's a guilty feeling and it can be so hard to get rid of.

    I read a pretty good article about controlling that temptation and good some good tips. I try to keep fruit and small snacks in baggies so I don't overinduldge.

    Here's the link (

    All the best wishes and congrats on your success!