Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I will be a bridesmaid in 3 weeks.  I have gotten the dress and it is pretty.  It feels strange to me.  It is a prom dress of sorts.  I never went to prom.  Didn't think I was into that at the time, but maybe I was.  I tried the dress on today.  It is a typical prom dress.  It just fits.  The material is satin and does not give one inch.  I felt fat even though I don't weigh what I weighed 70lbs ago.  I know the focus of the wedding isn't on me, but I still want to look my best.  I am back on plan today and will remain so until the wedding.  I feel good having this goal.  I feel strong.  I will look great.  I will feel great wearing my prom, I mean bridesmaid dress.


  1. It is called watermelon color, but it is more like a chartruese bright pink.

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