Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation of Sorts

I am at my son and DIL's apartment and have been since Sunday afternoon.  My son have been deployed overseas and my daughter in law is moving home to La and I am driving with her.  It is weird being where he lived and never seeing him here.  They only lived here a year.  Anyway, I have been walking like crazy each day.  Over 10000 steps each day and enjoying it.  I have strayed off plan, but not too terribly much.  Last night I wanted sushi and I regret it today.  I took a look at how many calories are in what I had today and just about had a heart attack.  Anyway, I am done with that and will move on.  I have stayed at about the same weight of 198-199 despite my wanderings.  I am doing ok because I do feel like I am in control.  I brought my food and am eating this mostly but have been allowing myself two lean and greens per day rather than one.  All in all, I am not breaking out like a crazy woman and I had realy serious concerns about what I would do without my work a day routine.  I am proud of myself and frankly, very proud indeed.  Love me.


  1. Good for you! sometimes it just takes a change in order to keep things going. Whatever it takes to make it work for YOU. That is a struggle I was having. But now I am off and kinda wish I werent! Maybe if I was at my goal I would feel better, or maybe in a few weeks if the scale says good things I will be able to feel like I made the right decision. We will see!!! If not, then back on plan for me until I get the rest of this weight off! Keep up the good work girl!


  2. kudos on staying in control. I am going to San Diego for week this friday and I just spent the evening getting my WW foods weighed measured and labeled with the points. Now I feel more in control in taking a