Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Voices

I was responding to Lyn's blog at Escape from Obesity today when I had a realization.  I can't allow myself to enjoy the success I have experienced because I may fail in the long run.  Lyn has lost a tremendous amount of weight and some of this is due to her diet on Medifast.  You may recall that I am following that plan.  I have lost over 70 on it and feel great in my skin.  What I don't feel great about is after the plan.  I have competing voices in my head.  Some are saying, "you are going to be successful no mater what" and the others are not so hopeful.  In fact, they only see failure.  Another blog today talked about prepackaged food and the expense of such.  Really, I don't think she meant it as a put down to those of us doing this, but it speaks to the voices who think failure is on the horizon.  I am worried.  I don't know if the success is due to me being diligent or the food, or you name it?  What matters to me isn't how I lost the weight, but how I keep it off.  The voices don't seem to care either as they are convinced by history.  I did this before and gained it all back.  I do wish that I could let myself believe that I can keep it off, but I just can't go there today or anytime soon.


  1. When you are ready for maintenance maybe you should check out WW. They have a great program that will help

  2. Weight loss is a really personal thing, and what works for some people works for others. If what you're doing is working for you, then focus on that and ignore the rest. Stick with what works for you until it stops working (if it stops) then re-evalutate, not because other people/voices are telling you but because you want to.

  3. The vast majority of us who lose weight regain it. That's a fact. I think it's like 98% regain (and many all and more).

    HOWEVER, we never know who will succeed and when it will "click". We never know WHICH TIME is the one that leads us down the path to ultimate maintenance success. So we cannot give up and must always keep the thought, 'Yes, this time it will stick."

    Nothing can get done without hope, right?

    So, just believe for now and do it a day at a time, keeping a eye on what you will need to prepare for ultimate maintenance.

    It's your journey, and it may be the ONE journey you need. So, have faith. It's what we have to have to get through each day anyway.

  4. I have struggled with "what happens after Medifast" thoughts too. If you have read my blog then I am sure you know just what I am talking about. And I came up with this. I need to educate myself and prepare myself for the day when I come off MF. We need to have a plan. Eating 6 times a day is something I will continue. It stops the urges to overeat and that ravenous out of control feeling to eat whatever i want. I will write down my calories. This is something I have dreaded doing and now I embrace it. There are lots of sites out there that will give you calories for just about any food out there. And last... I will keep up the exercise. It makes me feel good. So I hope that when I put all these things together and educate myself on what the right foods are in replacement of the MF ones that I will continue to be successful. Educate yourself and make a plan that will work for you! Lets not undo all of our hard work!!! Sound good?