Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Return to Normal Life

So, I am back from vacation.  I gained 7.5 lbs, but that is not the focus of this post.  I also gained the confidence that I can eat and be merry for a prescribed amount of time and then return to what I would consider eating to live and not living to eat.  Eating in the south is a challenge, so I made the decision to enjoy the flavors and different foods.  I walked what seemed like a million miles, so I knew that some of the increase in calories would be a wash.  I did not eat with reckless abandon, but I did try everything I wanted to try.  The southern cooks take perfectly good food like squash and smother it in bacon, butter, and flour.  It was almost impossible to eat in a healthful manner in Louisiana at least while one is on vacation.  Everything is fried.  Everything that is listed as grilled, is also grilled in oil of some kind.  So, I went with the flow.  I ate until I was full and left the rest.  I ate pralines and bread pudding.  I ate what tasted good and frankly, everything was delicious.  Everything.
The point of my post today isn't a criticism of the south, but really that upon my return, I went back to my plan of healthful eating.  It feels good to say that.  I was so concerned prior to vacation that 2.5 weeks off plan would do me in and I would not be able to regain the control.  But, I did, and I am.  As far as the 7.5 goes, 3 of it is already gone as of today.  It is progress as far as I am concerned.  I like it.


  1. Welcome back!!! We missed you!

    I bet that 7 lbs comes off in no time. Vacation is vacation. We are allowed to enjoy ourselves now and then. I hadnt gotten that concept until my friend pretty much spelled it out for me. It isnt how we eat everyday, it is VACATION for a reason. Glad you enjoyed and now you will prove to yourself that you are capable of treating yourself and getting back on plan :) Congrats.


  2. I like your

  3. YOU SAID:
    "The southern cooks take perfectly good food like squash and smother it in bacon, butter, and flour."

    Gosh, it's a sin to take perfectly good Southern food like bacon, butter, and flour, and contaminate them with some nasty old squash.