Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's Go Time!

So, tomorrow is surgery day.  I have done everything I can do to prepare for this day.  The last two weeks have been very difficult in terms of the liquid diet.  Smelling food has been a big challenge and honestly, I have spent much of the time being very hungry.  I did not deviate one time and for that, I am pretty proud of myself.  I did it!

At this point, I am not scared.  I am excited and looking forward to ending this part of the journey and to starting the next part.  The part where I lose this excess weight and start to move around freely. The part where I don't need a CPAP machine, the part where I don't have GERD, the part where I don't have high blood pressure, and lastly, the part where I am no longer considered MORBIDLY OBESE!

Earlier this week, I did have some jitters.  I have a friend who is about a year out from her surgery and who has made tremendous progress getting fit and healthy.  I needed to hear the reality check that I knew only she would know.  For that, I am eternally grateful!  She said everything I needed to hear.
I have been checked out by the doctors.  I have done everything asked.  I am good to go.

Just got my check in time for tomorrow.  It is 1230 and surgery at 3pm.  Yay!

Here we gooooo......

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  1. Hey there!
    I was reading your blog and figured that your surgery was more than a month ago! How did it go? How are you doing right now? I'd love to know about the post-surgery!