Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 5 Liquid Diet Observations

It is a funny thing when you are not eating.  Your senses seem to come alive.  My sense of smell is so over the top right now.  I can smell everything to an extreme.  If fact, so much so that it bothers me.  I also am a bit emotional right now.  The smallest thing can bring me to tears.  Not at work, I don't do that, but at home watching TV about Wounded Warriors in a commercial.  I guess it doesn't help that my son is a Marine, but really?  Commercial crying?

Anyway, now on to hunger.  Not really all that hungry today.  In fact, not.  However, the last three days were murderous!  I could barely get through the day.  On the third day, Sunday, I though I was going to completely crumble.  I felt weak, irritable, and downright tired of the whole process.  But, I survived!   Weekends are really hard.  I am so used to waking up to my kid asking if we can go out to eat.  We didn't have this activity and it was down right hard!  We did do errands, but it wasn't the same.  I really missed doing our normal activities.  I had to ask myself if I missed it more than getting into good health.  No.  I didn't miss it that much.

So the third thing is drinking in general.  No coffee and no alcohol.  Neither of these have been deal breakers for me.  I am a little surprised at that.  I guess I figure that this is something I will have in the future.

Today is the final meeting with the surgeon before surgery on the 8th of January.  Hopefully, he will be satisfied with the five pounds I have lost.  I will let you all know.  Constipation is an issue with only drinking protein shakes for meals.  Hopefully the blasters I took this morning will do their business by this afternoon and, well, you know!

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