Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beginning Again

I have not posted in some time.  I don't post if I have nothing to say.  I do today, so here goes.  It was November 1 yesterday.  That is the one year anniversary of starting Medifast.  I lost 70 lbs by May and just seemed to stop losing weight.  It wasn't because of Medifast.  In fact, the only way I have been able to maintain that loss is due to Medifast.  I admit, it is half heartedly that I have done this, but just the same, I have stayed within 5 lbs of my loss for about 5 months.

Coming to the year anniversary made me stop and think.  Is this where I intended to end this?  Yes, I feel good in my body 70 lbs slimmer, but no.  I didn't achieve the loss needed for the breast reduction.  It is something I want in a big way.  I took the summer off.  I sipped my gin and tonics on the back porch all summer.  I travelled to New Orleans and ate what I wanted.  I had countless other opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry.  And I did.  But, I did it with a modicum of control as evidenced by the maintenance of my weight.

So, it is a new month and a new day.  I am off alcohol and on the diet full fledged for the next month.  I am making a one month goal to start.  It seems more doable than not.  I lost 4.5 lbs yesterday.  Yeah.

I know I have changed.  I don't do some of the old behaviours and I will post about that another day.  If you are struggling with commitment, won't you join me for a month on your plan?  Let's see how far we can get in a month.  It is still pre holiday and there is time to make a difference.


  1. Hi! And welcome back! I too have maintained my weight for the last 5 months or so. And I have finally decided enough is enough. Please check out my post from yesterday. It is my recommittment!!! And I feel excited about it. And I think you should take a lot of pride out of maintaining over the last several months. Its hard to maintain too!!! I commented on that in my post.

    Anyway, welcome back.
    Hope we can support each other on this journey!


  2. HI! I am in the very beginnings of my weight loss/healthier lifestyle journey. I ran across this blog and decided to read it from the beginning. I have yet to progress further from this post, but I had to stop and comment. The fact that you have maintained the same weight within five lbs. for five months is just fricking inspiring and something I hope to accomplish! I have read a few blogs over the last few months and the biggest fear I have from reading them is that I could very well put back on all the weight I lose. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more!